Trinity Long Room Hub

The new Humanities Research Building in Trinity College Dublin, the Long Room Hub, is a platform for the Irish university sector focus on achieving world-class status. It is a space for thinking, for making soaring linkages, for sharing the unique collections of the Long Room. 

The site for the project is in Fellows Square at the heart of the College. The small rectangular form - four stories high with tall rooflights penetrating the volume to form shafts of light - perches on the end of the Arts Block, closing the square and framing the prospect to Front Square over the 1937 Reading Room. The Hub is a powerhouse of ideas. The honeycomb granite surface is broken and imprecise. It floats over the existing fabric. The canons of light crash through the form, disturbing expectations and creating zones and double heights for work and research. Its character is formed by its thinness; it can be seen through from side to side, the external envelope broken by recesses forming balconies and external spaces.

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